Gaming in the Metaverse Zuckerberg reveals its future

Gaming in the Metaverse Zuckerberg reveals its future

Gaming in the Metaverse  Zuckerberg reveals its future

gaming in the metaverse is going to span from immersive experiences in fantasy worlds to bringing simple games into our everyday lives through holograms maybe you’ll play old games in new ways so uh barcelona huh well it’s not new york but i like it new york misses you what’s that i said let me put my game face on so i can beat you okay check i gotta try another game face next time maybe you’ll go head-to-head with players from around the world like a shop some call it skill keep talking or maybe you’ll do things that aren’t even possible in gaming today

hey mark down for a vr foiling sesh now this is more my style all right nice oh nice choice mark ready to shred all right here we go whoa whoa hang in 1there mark that’s not good if this section boom all right back flip i’ve got an idea hey where are you going gotta pump it to jump it what i didn’t know that was an option uh you’re not gonna catch me now take that unicorn oh duke city god you’re out of control don’t worry i’ll let you win next time all good oh that was a close one you wanna go again maybe later i’m gonna need a lot more sunscreen though man well gaming is how a lot of people are going to step into the metaverse for the first time it already has some of the most fully built out digital goods the most active creator and developer communities and major platforms like epic are working to

build out the metaverse starting with gaming for our part we’re heavily investing in building a healthy vr and ar ecosystem so the game studios can keep building and gaming creators can keep creating now deb from our studios team is joining me deb do you want to take us through some of the exciting games in the pipeline for quest absolutely over the years we’ve had the opportunity to work with incredible developers like vertigo games the studio behind fan favorite arizona sunshine i love arizona sunshine that game basically got me and my friends through the first few months of the pandemic that’s awesome if you enjoyed that mark i think you’ll be excited that we’re partnering with 0vertigo on five more great games from deep silver and others we’ll share more about this lineup very soon nice what else is coming well the metaverse is constantly evolving so one of the most important aspects will be live service games that launch updates and new downloadable content regularly like echo vr beat saber onward pistol whip and more we’re focused on this a lot right now making sure games can build out active communities beat saber has a passionate community i love beat saber so do i and beat saber just passed a hundred million dollars in lifetime revenue on quest alone it’s a great example of a game that keeps releasing fresh content

they’ve actually been working on evolving the way that you interact with the tracks and feel the music also the team has been working on something really cool check this out i can’t wait to play this and they keep partnering with incredible artists to release new music packs all the time did you play the billy eilish music pack last month a little more than i should have i probably should have been working more on this metaverse presentation well they have a great lineup of artists for 2022 and there’s one more epic surprise before the end of the year so stay tuned okay have you played population one i mean yeah i love the game so much for those who haven’t0 population one is a thrilling battle royale that is only possible in vr since its launch at connect last year it has become one of the highest earning games on quest and the biggest multiplayer fps on the platform you can have up to 24 people in at once for a match we’re super excited to keep launching big updates like an all-new autumn event later in november and a winter wonderland update in december okay here’s something i know our community has been waiting for lay it on us all right this is a title from the warp frog team this is the team that set the standard for vr combat physics when it launched on rift in 2019.

Meta Zuckerberg reveals its future

Gaming in the Metaverse! Zuckerberg reveals its future

that’s, right blade and sorcery nomad the build for vr medieval fantasy sandbox that pairs magic with melee is launching on quest later this year for more gaming updates look out for the 2022 oculus gaming showcase it’s going to be loaded with news you won’t want to miss but mart i believe you have some news for us as well yeah you know i have to say it’s really impressive to see this lineup 1come together over the last few years but there is one project that i’m really looking forward to yeah this is one of the all-time greats and we’ve been working for years to bring it to quest i’m excited to announce that the rockstar games classic grand theft auto san andreas is in development for quest .

this new version of what i think is one of the greatest games ever made will offer players an entirely new way to experience this iconic open world in virtual reality that’s it mark i’m moving to the metaverse all right thanks dad this is going to be amazing