Technology boon

What is boon and bane

Technology boon

Technology has been proven as a boon to mankind it has revolutionsed all spheres of our lives

technology boon
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  • The work which was too bulk and hard has now become so easy
  • only we need to press one suritch to get it done
  • advancement in technology has made our countries’ safer & our lives much more easier
  • Technology has brought us online banking , smart cars, smart tv
  • lighting fast computers’ the vistual reality
  • The access to education , medicine , industry transportation Etc has been simplified due to the advancement of technology

It has made our life more convenient & Cfficient

technology boon
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  • Agriculture
  • industry
  • profession health
  • education
  • art
  • political processes recreations religious activities and daily life activities are strongly influenced by technology

Information technology has made it very easier to store bulk of data which was earlier difficult to maintain

technology boon
technology boon
  • Digital libraries have the potential to store more documents
  • television is also good servant
  • it’s considered as the cheapest source of information and entertainment nowadays
  • it has fill our lives with different colours
  • Technology progerss has merely provided us with more efficient means for going whether forwards’ or backwards also
  • How can one forget mobile with out which everything seems impossible

It helps us in entertainments and make us aware about the things that are happening around

Technology is a pure bliss because it has made everything easier & convenient

Technology is like the backbone of the whole worlds with out which the whole world will be numb

WE should use it Wiseley

What is Bane technology?

Technology is in our hands. We can use it to build or to destroy.” Boon- is a thing that is beneficial or useful. It is also called “Advantage.” Bane– it is a curse or destruction.